' Let it snow!

December 19, 2013

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! The six inches of snowfall here did nothing to slow up you happy merry makers in our tasting room this past week. We had a ball with hot seasonal soup paired with the mouth-filling 2008 Merlot, and wine club members decorated the tree more handsomely than ever. It has been a special treat to see so many of you, and the number of new Wine Club members is growing at a record pace!

Pretty patches of snow still remain due to overnight low temps, but this does nothing to hurt the sleeping vines. In fact a prolonged chill invigorates bud break in the spring and promotes productivity in the coming season.

While the vineyard sleeps a bustle is awakening in the cellar where the new wines have been resting in tanks for 3 months. Racking has begun. We are draining the clean wine off the settled lees and into barrels for aging. If the deep color and fragrance of the wines is any indication, 2013 will be a stellar vintage.

Bottling of upcoming releases is another favorite activity when it’s wintry outdoors. The Sangiovese and Rhone blend (Trois Cepages), which many of you tasted from the barrel this month, are forming a line for bottling behind the Port. Meanwhile, Santa’s helpers have already been busy in the cellar bottling the 2011 Petite Sirah. Mark your calendar for the January 25 release at the tasting room. It will be a grand way to warm up the New Year with food pairings and fun. This will be a limited release, and you know how quickly our Petite Sirah disappears, so be sure to stay on top of this opportunity.

Happy Holidays!

Vaughn Jodar

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