' Summer's Here!!

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter!!

Welcome to the first of what we hope to be many updates via newsletter to our club members and subscribers! We're finally getting used to some of the advantages of our new digital systems we've put in place over the last 8 months. 
Our first priority of course was getting the point of sale system up and running so we could make a sale in the tasting room!  That happened with a smooth transition last November.  Next came mapping all of our great customers and their information over to the new club interaction software.  It's been a long task but fairly uneventful as these things go. 
In the meantime we've been using a great off site email system to keep you all informed of the weekly events and specials the we have going on... always SOMETHING SPECIAL happnin' at Jodar! 
Then there's also been our increased Facebook presence over the past few months.  We're energized by your comments and clicks!  Look for more interaction in the coming days and months with our new Twitter account coming online. 
Of course Summer is our major event season and we'll be talking about that later in this newsletter.  One of the last pieces fell into place with our integration is this email client that works closely with our member list to make this newsletter possible.  We'll try to keep this going on a fairly regular basis as there are newsworthy stories to tell!  Read on!

In The Vineyard

The vineyard is a year round responsibility.  As the saying goes "wine is made in the vineyard" - and this is so true.  Pruning back the canes we won't be using the next year occurs during February and March.  Our resident expert is Fausto, shown here cutting back the those unwanted canes.  It's a long task as you can imagine, going vine to vine over the entire 9 acres.  And of course you have to be dodging the rain and other poor weather conditions we can expect at that time of year!

There is some consistent spraying during the spring months to keep the grasses and other unwanted plants from growing to a size that would make them a competitor for water resources in the coming months.  Next up during April and May as the vines develop leaves and buds it is time to begin pruning the growths on the bottom of each vine.  This is done to make sure each vine is using water and other resources to make the best fruit, without wasting those resources on parts of the vine that we don't want to grow.  This is also a tough task and so this year we left some of it to the young! 
Over the coming months of summer there will be canopy management which involves hand picking leaves from each vine to make sure that the fruit receives the proper amount of our wonderful California sunshine.  The grapes need a perfect balance of sun and shade to produce the finiest Jodar fruit that we've come to expect.  There also a spraying program to handle some pests, mold and mildew mitigation and the like.  Our goal is to keep this to a level that takes care of the problem while making sure our practices are sustainable and contribute to the health of the vineyard.  Seems to be working as we keep having beautiful fruit year after year going on 27 years now!  By the way, the photo at the top of the newsletter was taken on June 3rd.  It's shows the last of the flowering on the Petite Sirah.  We believe we have had a pretty good fruit set this year despite the bumps in the weather.  Of course trying to determine what you will have by harvest in the fall is like... well, predicting the weather.  It's a farm basically!

In The Cellar

Managing the cellar is a year round project as well. Every month there's topping, which is just making sure that the water that has evaporated from the wine in the barrels is replaced with appropriate wine to prevent any oxygen from sitting on top of the wine in the barrel.  Air is the enemy of barrel ageing!!
Lately Fausto has been racking all the barrels - something we try to do at lease twice a year.  This entails emptying all the barrels of one varietal into a tank, cleaning each barrel of lees (grape particulate matter) and oak additions then sterilizing the barrel.  After that the wine goes back in the barrel.  This tends to reduce the chance of off flavors and keeps the wine moving along a proper path to bottling.
Speaking of bottling we have several coming up.  The 2010 Cabernet Franc is ready to bottle right away.  Because of our cool summers in 2010 and 2011 these vintages have been a bit challenging in many ways.  The 2010 Cabernet Franc is a great wine but in limited production - only 120 cases will be made!  Also on the bottling schedule is the 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, the 2012 Chardonnay and the next Vinasaurus Rex.  Whew - never a dull moment!

Events at the Tasting Room

We keep you up to date on our emails and Facebook on most events, but here in one place is the summer's events as they stand right now.  We're really honored to have some quality musical talent, paired with special wine events and food events!

June 16th - Father's Day and 2010 Barbera Release Party.  Full Lunch, Music and Wine Specials! Call the tasting room for reservations (530) 644-3474.
June 29th - Music on the Green with Dana Lablanc!!  Bring your friends and enjoy some Jodar Wine Specials.
July 4th - Celebrate the holiday with Joni's chili dogs with all the fixings - music TBA
July 20th - The music event of the Summer!  Don't miss the fabulous Vine Dawgz Rock review - this is SPECIAL!!  We'll be serving a full BBQ lunch, Wine Specials and the best music of the summer! Call the tasting room for reservations!
July 27th - Our own Californios!  This a a great americana band with the most amazing energy!  Wine Specials and food pairings abound!  Free Event!
Aug 3rd - Cabernet Franc Release Party

More to Come!  We're filling in some more weekend days in August and September so stay tuned!

Hope you found the newsletter informative and helpful!  Give us feed back from the website or at contact@jodarwinery.com

All the best from the Jodar Family
Vaughn, Joni, Bill, Fausto, Machelle, Joel and Kelly -

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