' Spring Loaded

 Spring Loaded

The first day of spring is a month off, but the signs of and outbreak are popping up all over the vineyard. Despite frosty white ground in the lower sections each morning, pink and purplish and microscopic white flowers are showing up in the sunny places. Today the honey bees started working, each wearing saddle bags of bright red pollen. Naturally, farmers all over the region are fretting a risky frost season, but we farmers are always fretting.

The 2012 Apollo’s Lyre blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot has been returned to the barrel for the final step in its journey. We project its release during the holiday season. These final months together in the barrel are key to what produces spectacular—and often unforeseen—results in terms of complexity and finesse.

Meanwhile, get ready for the release of a
completely new Jodar wine on March 15. Those who grasped the opportunity to barrel taste this blend of Rhone Valley varieties characterized it as “a bookend” to the fabulous Apollo’s Lyre. Thus the name Athena’s Muse emerged. The wine is a blend of Syrah, Granache and Mourvedre grapes that will roll your sox down. (And we mustn’t be intimidated by the spelling of Mourvedre. Those of us who don’t speak French might just settle in with “more VED”. This is a limited release made even smaller by those who purchased futures like Jim and Bambi Murphy, Richard Davis, Jeff Hoelscher and many others. Be sure not to let it get away.

ENDANGERED SPECIES: Speaking of wine that’s getting away, the 2010 Cabernet Franc is going, going. . . . Those who are familiar with the complexity of this exotically spiced wine—and appreciate its application to good food—will want to capture some while it’s still around.

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