' Winter Wonderland?
Winter Wonderland?

Winter wonderland? We wonder where the winter went! Instead of driving rain storms we’ve had four weeks of sunny skies and mild temperatures. It has all the farmers around here praying for rain, but it sure makes a visit to the Jodar tasting room a pleasant thing to do.
Mild temperatures have made it easy to move ahead with the annual job of pruning the vines. For those who like gardening, this is the most satisfying and therapeutic activity you can imagine. The first step is to chop off the unwanted canes from last season. Then this gross pruning will be trimmed up and new fruiting canes will be positioned on the trellis. It’s too bad that we can’t train our children like this.

Clear weather also makes winter cellar work easier. Barrels sitting on their steel racks are being lined in rows all over the crushing pad and yard for cleansing and sanitizing. Ozone technology makes this task much less arduous and far more effective than traditional methods. A handy machine charges the water with an additional oxygen molecule so that organic materials such as yeasts and bacteria are killed by oxidation in a few minutes. This method is not only effective; it also replaces the traditional use of bleach and other chemical agents in various sanitation practices. The new wines will then be racked into the barrels free of contaminants.

Over in the tasting room where the fun stuff goes on, try to be on hand Saturday the 25th of January. We’ll be celebrating a DOUBLE RELEASE of the 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2011 Petite Sirah. Our friends in wholesale have already demanded that we give them the Cab, and people are snatching it off the shelves and wine lists. Could it be coming out of bottle shock sooner than we expected?

Cheers and Happy New Year Everyone!
Vaughn Jodar


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