' Bloom or Bust!

Bloom or Bust

Now is the most fascinating time of the year in the vineyard. The vines have burst out with sweet-smelling blossoms which are self-pollinating. The nextstep is berry-set, but the number of berries created is at the mercy of the weather. (Wouldn’t you just know!) Let’s see, pollination is inhibited by temperatures below 65 degrees or above 85. Or it’s disturbed by wind . . . or rain. So farmers everywhere are marching up and down the rows of vines worrying like a parent over a newborn.

The Chardonnay has already gone through the process with good results, so now comes the job of canopy management. During the first few weeks after berry-set, it is critical to pick off excess shoots and leaves to assure adequate light in the canopy. This is not fun work. You get to stand up all day holding your hands at shoulder height. (The second morning you can’t even raise your hands to comb your hair.) And you talk about tedium! Thank God for technology which now allows us to listen to music.

What makes this time of year fun is the warming weather and our activities. This Saturday, June 7th,  we release the new Barbera which is fabulous, together with an opportunity to sample the 2012 Petite Sirah out of the barrel!  Then comes Jodar’s annual Fathers’ Day BBQ brunch. And this year we’re sneaking in a Wine-O-Saur club special Friday evening June 27. It’s a sneak preview of our first Mourvedre, one of those wonderful wines that no one can spell or pronounce. There couldn’t be a better way to celebrate the end of the work-week. So come up and join in the fun!


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